Oreo pancakes, cinnamon roll French toast highlight guilty pleasures at popular Bill’s Cafe in San Jose

14 Jun
The Cookies & Cream Pancakes at Bill's Cafe in San Jose.

The Cookies & Cream Pancakes at Bill’s Cafe in San Jose.

If there is ever a time to indulge in decadent, high-calorie treats, it’s brunch.

So I got excited to try some of the guilty pleasures from the menu at Bill’s Cafe, a popular brunch spot that has several locations throughout the San Jose area.

Some of the items on my to-do list are the Chilaquiles – eggs scrambled in corn tortillas, with chorizo, jalapenos and jack cheese – and the Cinnamon Roll French Toast – a giant, freshly-made cinnamon roll, dipped in rich batter and grilled to perfection.

Dish of Choice

I chose the Cookies & Cream Pancakes, made with buttermilk batter, mixed with crushed Oreo cookies and topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar. I went with the 2-pancake short stack for $7.50 and added a side of bacon for an extra $2.75.

I also ordered a cranberry mimosa for $6.99. Altogether, my bill came out to about $17, pre-tax and tip.

Close-up of the Cookies & Cream Pancakes at Bill's Cafe in San Jose.

Close-up of the Cookies & Cream Pancakes at Bill’s Cafe in San Jose.

The Taste

Although I love Oreo cookies and I love pancakes, I was apprehensive about putting them together in one dish. I thought their textures and flavors might be too much of a contrast.

The combination worked. The subtle sweetness of the pancake kept the dish from becoming saccharine, and the moisture and warmth of the pancake helped soften the cookie crumbles, creating delicious pockets of chocolatey goodness within the pancake. Adding maple syrup would have been overkill. The whipped cream was light and just enough decadence without tipping the scale.

I could not finish my short stack, and I took the other half home. To be honest, the dish was pretty tasty when I reheated it two days later. Now that’s a good pancake!

Just as a note: Bill’s Cafe offers other interesting griddle entrees, such as the Almond Joy Pancakes (filled with almonds, coconut and chocolate chips) and the Hawaiian Pancakes (filled with bananas, macadamia nuts and coconut).

That being said, my pancakes had a few coconut shavings and a couple nuts inside. This was not an issue for me, but it could be for someone who is allergic to either of those items. If you are, make sure to specify that when you’re ordering.

The Cranberry Mimosa at Bill's Cafe in San Jose.

The Cranberry Mimosa at Bill’s Cafe in San Jose.

Other Details

I could tell Bill’s Cafe at 302 N. Bascom Ave. was a popular spot for Sunday brunch when they offered overflow parking at the market next door. This casual dining establishment was crazy busy when eight ladies and I went on a recent Sunday, so expect a wait, no matter the size of your party.

We arrived around noon, so I was already expecting to wait an hour or more. To my surprise, we only had to wait about 35-40 minutes. Not bad for such a big group.

Bill’s Cafe has four other SJ locations: 1115 Willow St., 2089 The Alameda; 5631 Cottle Road; and 1401 Kooser Road.

For more information, call the Bascom Avenue location at (408) 287-2455 or visit

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