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“World-Famous” blueberry coffee cake a popular go-to at Hobee’s in Sunnyvale

The World-Famous Blueberry Coffeecake at Hobee's in Sunnyvale.

The World-Famous Blueberry Coffeecake at Hobee’s in Sunnyvale.

When a restaurant claims it has a “world famous” anything, I tend to be skeptical. I know it’s just a way of saying that the dish is very popular, but it better live up to the hype when you give it such a grand label.

However, after a few recommendations from trusted sources (aka my friend Lindsey and my parents), I decided to give the “World Famous Blueberry Coffeecake” at Hobee’s a try. The local restaurant chain is also known for its more health-conscious menu that boast several vegetarian entrees, such as the Hobee’s Tofu Scramble.

Dish of Choice

I ordered the Blissful Browns, hash browns topped with sauteed mushrooms, onion and Jack and cheddar cheese. I also ordered a side of the blueberry coffee cake. Along with a cup of coffee, my order came out to about $15, including tax.

The Taste

The coffee cake was moist, thick and big enough to split with another person. It honestly could have been a meal in itself. The cake was warm, and that pat of butter on top of the cinnamon streusel layer made the cake that much more moist, creating a melt-in-your-mouth texture. I can see why the coffee cake is so popular.

The potatoes in the Blissful Browns dish were thickly cut and soft on the inside with the right amount of toastiness on the edges. The sauteed onions and mushrooms reminded me of eating a juicy steak, so I didn’t miss the meat. I like the melted layer of cheese, but I wish there was more (I’m a cheese fiend, admittedly). Overall, it was an enjoyable meal.

A close-up of the Blissful Browns at Hobee's in Sunnyvale.

A close-up of the Blissful Browns at Hobee’s in Sunnyvale.

Other Details

With any popular brunch spot in the area, parking is going to be an issue. Since there was only a handful of parking spots in front of Hobee’s, it looked like most of the customers parked in the lot at the nearby Motel 6. However, I didn’t have success parking there either, so I ended up parking on San Aleso Avenue behind the motel.

My friend Lindsey put in a reservation for 10 ladies to be seated at 11 a.m. Unfortunately, we didn’t get seated until about 11:30 a.m. because it was so busy. However, our waitress was very courteous and let us pay separately for our meals (it’s a pain trying to split a check between 10 people and making sure everyone pays their fair share).

Hobee’s has six locations in the South Bay Area. The Sunnyvale restaurant is located at 800 W. Ahwanee Ave. near U.S. 101 and can be reached at (408) 524-3580. For more information, visit


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